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Small lantern set now for sale!

Small lantern pack, includes lantern, small surround, small crystal and a wand to control it with.

Large lantern set now for sale!

The Large Lantern set comprises one of the Large crystals with new surround, a Lightbox and a control wand.

LARPtronics Lightbox

Standard Lightbox that features in the Thaumatergic Line; the Lightbox’s colour can be controlled by the wand. The Box can be locked to a colour and level by switching the wand off.

LARPtronics Wand

The Wand is the control piece that is used in conjunction with the the Lightbox's and are essential to operating one or more of them.

Large Crystal (or Print)

LARPtronics is capable of printing a wide variety of forms and shapes and are happy to accommodate designs and schematics on a case by case basis.

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