A First Giveaway and thoughts for the Future

A few weeks ago we launched the first of our lines; the Crystals, Lightboxes and surrounds. We have had a lot of feedback regarding product, mainly people want us to make the Gauntlets and Monocles but we realised that we would need the Lightboxes because our other products benefit from having a device that responds to them. Equally the Lightboxes with the wands are a standalone product that can be developed further if you choose to invest in the later products as they come into play.


One Small Lightbox set

We have started to receive orders for the Lightboxes and equally customisations of the same tech for different projects but we also read all the posts and e-mails that we receive. The feeling that we have from them is the enormous sense of baited breath that there is among our potential clientele. Everyone seems to be waiting for someone to bring our tech into the field to see if it is worth all the hype that, in all fairness, that same clientele has generated through the generous comments made on both Facebook and Twitter.



So we have opened up with our first promotion; you can find it here:


Finishes Friday 16th at midday GMT

We are hoping that the lucky winner will be able to provide you all with some much needed in the field feedback for you all.

All together and on

All together and on

It’s worth a look; just remember that the lucky winner could be you!

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