Our first Prize Draw – Results

Good day good folk,

It’s time for us to announce the winner of the October Giveaway but before we do we are going to add some extra special shininess to this post: Firstly our thanks to everyone that had so many inspiring and humbling things to say about this, the first of many products. We didn’t expect such a large number of people to be involved and so much enthusiasm from the community in general. So. Cam and Stephen have decided to add a surprise second and third prize to the pot in the form of two 10% discount vouchers on our products.

We gathered around lunch after printing, yes printing, all your names and put them all in a snazzy bowler hat loaned to us by another larper (cheers Matt). Then we press ganged two independent larpers into fishing around inside to pull out the three names. (See pictures below for the theatrics of it all.)


And from that hat came forth the following

First Prize – The small Crystal set goes to…………


Debbie Starbuck

Congratulations to you!

Second Prize – 10% Discount Coupon goes to………..


Natasha Vucak


Third┬áPrize – 10% Discount Coupon goes to………….


Darren Hosein


So if you winners want to send us a message we will gather your addresses or simply send you the winning code .

And there you have it – That was our first Giveaway and we will be doing more, winners; we would love it if you could get some shots of the gear in use that would be lovely!

Ok that is us

Take care of each other!


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