Sword develpoments

After testing our previous sword intensively and learning all we can from it, it is once again time to create the next prototype in the series (this will be the 4th development sword so far).  The new sword is currently being created, but in the meantime, we have been writing new, and more sophisticated animations based on feedback from the community.

Below is a video cycling through the different animations that the sword needs.

We are using the 3rd sword to run the animations in the video, but the new firmware will be used for the 4th development sword  (still in production, but hopefully we will be demoing it at the LARP awards next month in Leicester).

Progressively more technical thoughts (sorry, I can’t help it)

Flame animations are notoriously difficult, especially with only a single row of LEDs, and our attempts in the past have been less than impressive.  However this time we have taken heavy inspiration (and some code) from a very well written example from the FASTLED library written by Focalintent.  If you are trying your hand in this area, and using Arduino compatible systems, i thoroughly recommend this library.

Unfortunately the animation timings are incompatible with how the code was originally designed, in particular the sampling rate we are using for the accelerometer, so we will need a complete code re-write to incorporate it.  We will continue to refine the animations too, but are quite pleased with the principles of how it works, and how it transitions between modes smoothly.

As always constructive comments are always welcome 🙂


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